Fund Characteristics 

The ASPOMA China Opportunities Fund (UCITS IV) is a long-only Chinese equity fund. The Fund is an all-cap fund with a mid-cap bias and is non-benchmark oriented. The number of investments is expected to be between 50 and 80 companies which represent the most attractive investment opportunities in the Chinese investment universe.  The fund’s long-term portfolio structure is very different from market cap weighted benchmark indices (MSCI China and HSCEI) which have very high sector and stock concentration.


Investment Objective

To generate long-term capital appreciation primarily through the investment in companies which are positioned and have the capabilities to generate value for shareholders in a sustainable way through exploiting the high growth and earnings potential embedded in China’s medium term economic development.


Our portfolio companies are mostly privately owned. They are well positioned within the value chain, have unique business models and good growth potential, generate sustainable high margins and returns, demonstrate good corporate governance and trade at attractive valuation levels.