Fund Characteristics

The ASPOMA European Opportunities Fund (UCITS IV) is a long-only European equity fund. The Fund is non-benchmark oriented and focuses on large and mid-cap European companies which are appropriately positioned to benefit from fundamental developments in Asian markets which are set to continue to grow at higher rates than most mature western markets. The number of investments is expected to be between 30 and 60 companies. The fund focuses on companies whose products and services are instrumental for Asian countries to achieve their medium to long-term development targets.


Investment Objective

To generate long-term capital appreciation primarily through the investment in companies which in the medium term will enjoy higher growth than companies primarily focused on mature western markets and have the potential to protect margins through relatively high barriers to entry and the specific qualities and characteristics of their products and services offerings.


Our portfolio companies often have market leading positions in their respective fields of activity protect through proprietary technologies, know and brands, have robust financial profile, have a good corporate governance track record and trade at attractive valuation levels.